The Dionysian Experience


Oktoberfest. So much summed up in one word yet synonymous with another: beer. Not the poor man’s brew either; but instead good, quality beer. Barring the misadventures of Hamburg Central Station (where I missed a connection because the train I was on arrived late and another where the train was canceled), it was an experience worth remembering and retelling for years to come. Even the train troubles had their silver lining; I bonded with those who shared my troubles while we were ushered to a later train.

The event itself was true to form; beer by the liter and plenty to do. What was surprising was the diversity of age; I saw everything from my own demographic to families, older couples, and teenagers. An air of revelry arose with each step; whether it was a rollercoaster ride or enjoying a nice bratwurst after downing a cold one. That it was an experience drawing people from all across the globe was the cherry on top. Should you find the time in your busy study abroad schedule, I highly recommend making the trip south to Munich; don’t forget to don your lederhosen or dirndl!


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