A Month In

As crazy as it sounds, a month has already passed. Everyone speaks of how quickly time passes when you’re in college and studying abroad, yet there’s no preparing for how fast it comes and goes. In this past month, I’ve had the opportunity to visit two new countries (Germany and Sweden), semi-learned how to ride a bike, had my first proper assessments while abroad, and sampled various eateries. Not to mention the number of acquaintances I’ve made through the chancy nature of life.

On a sidenote, I also made family dinner for my floormates for the first time. A tradition in the kollegium setting I call home, my roommate and I chose to make breakfast for dinner. This meant bacon, scrambled eggs, watermelon, pancakes, and a fruit bowl along with the ubiquitous orange juice and maple syrup; for it isn’t truly breakfast for dinner without such critical additions.

What’s next on the docket? A date with the rest of Europe as I turn my eyes both eastward and westward. With luck, I’ll encounter a few more of the stumbling stones shown to my class and I during our short study tour, leaving their marks on cities besides those in the German heartland. Expect pictures in the near future of my upcoming sojourns.

Till next time,



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