The Imminent Return

With the end of my time abroad fast approaching and final assessments piling up, it becomes a good time to step back and reflect on my experience abroad. At times it feels scarcely real; a pleasant dream I’ll wake from in the reality that is a residence hall bed. Whisking from country to country with only boundless curiosity to go on, trying new foods and exposing myself as a tourist on multiple occasions, my time abroad was a glorious mess, a smorgasbord of experiences pieced together by hundreds of photos and dozens of traveling companions. Over a dozen countries visited, ballooning a once listless repertoire into something far more substantial; no longer is my scope limited to the North America. Perhaps more important is the new knowledge acquired; academic jargon often dismissed leading to greater introspection as I uncovered what it meant to be a tourist in the 21st century while pondering where this world is headed. Logic is the way it seems, but a place at the table should be reserved for a deeper existential understanding; science isn’t everything. Now the task is to take what I learned and disseminate it; no small task as I continue to grapple with questions that my academic time abroad has given me.


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