First Impressions

The first week in Copenhagen draws to a close. So far, I’ve sampled Danish cuisine, found a few hole in the walls, and made some new acquaintances. For the first time this summer, I went the beach, seeing the country of Sweden peek above the horizon as I swam through sea’s clear depths. The gleeful chaos of the Copenhagen Pride festival made for a wild introduction to the city on Saturday, yet it showed the lively potential that bubbled beneath the surface of the city. It was odd seeing a McDonalds, KFC, and a Burger King so far away from home; even weirder to be able to order a Big Mac. Perhaps one thing that surprised me was the prevalence of English; it was not only spoken, but spoken well to the point of locals switching between Danish and English seamlessly. There’s so much to say given the fullness of this past week; even more to unpack. However, I’ll leave you with this: Velkommen til København.


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